Friends of Kidogo


Kidogo is a recipient of a seed grant under the Saving Brains program administered by Grand Challenges Canada.  GCC is funded by the Government of Canada and supports “bold ideas with big impact.”


Kidogo is a member of the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative and will be making a “commitment” at this year’s event.


Kidogo Co-Founders Afzal & Sabrina were named 2015 Echoing Green Fellows, an honor awarded to emerging leaders from across the globe who represent the future of innovation for social impact.

Kidogo has partnered with the AKDN, particularly through the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Human Development to evaluate the effectiveness of Kidogo’s model and collaborate on program design / development.

Kidogo is a member of the #smartinvestment Network, a community of organizations & businesses committed to global education.


Kidogo was named one of East Africa’s most promising start-ups impacting the lives of adolescent girls and selected for SPRING, a one-year accelerator offered by UKAID, Nike Foundation, USAID and Fuseproject.

Kidogo is a member of the Parenting in Africa Network, a network of organizations that promote the “skillful” parenting practices in Africa for the overall wellbeing of children and families.

Kidogo was selected as a winner of the first ever AMPLIFY Challenge, a joint project between IDEO.ORG and DFID using open innovation to identify innovative approaches to specific development challenges. As a part of the project, Kidogo received pro-bono support from a team of IDEO.ORG designers to help design their mamapreneur “spokes” program.