Imagine a world where all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Kidogo is a social enterprise that improves access to high-quality, affordable Early Childhood Care & Education in East Africa’s low-income communities. We seek to unlock the potential of young children and transform the trajectories of their families.


At Kidogo, our values are not just ‘for show’. They are the words we live by. They are what drive us.


We approach our work with wide-eyed optimism, a willingness to experiment, learn, take risks & challenge the status quo. We innovate by listening & observing, and combine global best practices with local realities.


Play is the brain’s favourite way to learn, and it’s our favourite way to lead. We are light-hearted, have a sense of humour and enjoying having fun. We take ourselves seriously, but not ourselves. Also, we like naps.


We don’t settle for mediocrity…we are literally the elephant in the room. We set big, hairy, ambitious goals and relentlessly measure our impact to ensure we are making a meaningful dent in the world.


Our programs aim to be financially sustainable, community driven & culturally appropriate. We aim to do more with less. We don’t compromise on quality. We leverage partnerships & find better ways to collaborate to get things done.


We try to set a good example for our students. We don’t pay bribes & we don’t tolerate corruption. We strive for excellence but are not afraid to admit & learn from our mistakes.